Rawabi Tech Hub

Rawabi aims to provide opportunities in technology and tech-enabled industries, media and entertainment, education and healthcare. These sectors are expected to create 3,000 - 5,000 permanent jobs to further bolster sustainable economic growth in Palestine.

Information and communications technology
The technology sector represents a core building block of Rawabi's new economy. Rawabi's city center is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, such as an advanced fiber optic network, modern offices and large customizable workspaces. With a view to becoming a new tech hub in Palestine, Rawabi can host a wide range of commercial technology and research activities, making it the ideal location for both local and international operations. Companies find strong support from municipal officials as they establish their presence in the city. Rawabi provides a full ecosystem that sets standards for the technology sector in Palestine. International training institutions run programs dedicated to producing high quality researchers and employees equipped with the skills sought by international employers.

International technology companies often face challenges with employee loyalty and performance. These are particularly prevalent when operating across borders when intercultural differences can affect operations. With a continuous flow of skilled computer science graduates, the Palestinian workforce is loyal, eager, talented and fluent in English. This resource pool has the capability to meet the standards of any international technology company. Wages are competitive within the region, making Rawabi an attractive, cost-effective location for base operations.

Tech enterprises ideally suited to Rawabi include: software outsourcing/development, R&D and business process outsourcing.

Bader ICT Incubator

In order to capitalize on Palestinian resourcefulness, Rawabi is also home to Bader, the Palestinian Entrepreneurs' ICT Incubator. Endowed with a large fund of seed capital, Bader is a cornerstone for innovation and a pioneer of new ICT solutions. Bader's mission is to support technology and ICT-related start-ups, fostering growth and expansion through direct investment. Entrepreneurs receive funding, business resources and are connected to mentors. This multi-level support drastically increases their chances of success. Successful start-ups support job creation, encourage economic growth and enhance both Rawabi’s and Palestine’s reputation in the ICT sector.

Media and Entertainment 
The infrastructure for a modern media industry is already in place in Rawabi which will host a television and film production studio and a media center. With ample acting talent, beautiful natural landscapes and low-cost land for sound studios, Rawabi offers a cost-efficient base for commercial production, as well as an ideal site location for full-length features. Several partnerships are being explored and investors with expertise and interest in the sector are being actively sought.