About the Municipality

                Rawabi’s first Municipal Council established in 2013 by Palestinian Ministries Cabinet resolution, eleven council members selected for their related activities in public and private sectors, civil society, and academia. In 2015, many hundreds of families moved to the city while after the formation of Rawabi’s Homeowners’ Association (HA) and the operation of public utilities in the city, in 2017 a new municipal council was appointed, headed by Mr. Ibrahim Natour, Architect & Urban planner, and includes ten members; five of them Rawabi residents and members of Rawabi’s Homeowners’ Association (HA), along with five members representing various ministries of the Palestinian National Authority. Recently in 2019, Palestinian Authority Ministries representatives in the Municipal Council were replaced by Rawabi residents.


Municipality Vision

“Rawabi is a pioneering city that is economically, socially, and technologically both attractive and sustainable. The city will continue to build on a foundation of renovation and innovation, with a focus on quality of life and services.”  Through this vision, Rawabi classifies itself as a smart city and a sustainable city. In addition, the municipality endeavors to be an engaged and accountable institution.

Our Mission
To plan, develop, and manage an excellent city that provides the essence of success and sustainable living.
Rawabi municipal area is around 6300 dunams, while the first phase masterplan area is around 1000 dunams, As Rawabi grows, the Municipality provides a complete array of services to its citizens and the region and provides the essence of success and sustainable living. Hereby making the city a place where people can develop to their full potential.

Our Values:
We are accountable to our government, society, partners, customers, employees, and suppliers; and we instill accountability principles in our staff at all levels
We are committed to our government’s directive to achieve global recognition in all areas of our work collaboration
We are also committed to spread positive energy and encourage teamwork through effective participation.
We embrace transparency in our dealings with stakeholders in the public and private sectors.

Council Functions
Rawabi’s Municipal Council is responsible for city governance relating to infrastructure expansion, regulatory and legislative compliance, community relations and sustainable growth. It also liaises closely with Rawabi Homeowner Associations (HA).