March 29, 2021| Rawabi, Palestine — The Hult Prize Foundation has officially announced the locations and co-hosts of its 2021 Impact Summits. This year’s summits will take place across 50 different cities around the world, each hosting the regional final round of the Hult Prize flagship one-million-dollar startup challenge. 

Rawabi Foundation has been selected as a co-host for one of the 50 summits happening in March and April. In its 12th year, the Hult Prize Foundation received a record number of city-wide bids from over one-thousand applicants across the world, representing more than 3,000 organizations including private foundations, NGOs, and higher education institutions. 

“We are constantly working in various ways to empower and inspire Palestinians students, with a special focus on females… who will become the leaders of tomorrow in the near future, in all different sectors, and will make a real difference everywhere, not just in Palestine, especially when it comes to innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology; which perfectly aligns with the vision of Bashar Masri, the founder of one of the newest and smartest cities in the whole world.
We are pleased to meet, work with and prepare over creative 200 students from different fields in creating and implementing new ideas to meet major world challenges, and to find a solution to some of the most pressing issues in the world.” Says Jack Nassar - Executive Director of Rawabi Foundation

Mr. Charlemagne Quinitio, Chief Operating Officer at the Hult Prize Foundation credits Rawabi Foundation’s commitment to building forward-thinking leaders who put an emphasis on shared value as the main reason the bid committee gave them the nod. “It’s not every day you find a partner organization that feels the exact same you do about the potential of young people to change the world. We are really looking forward to seeing the regional level impact that our Impact Summit at Rawabi City can have.”

Hult Prize Impact Summits have a history of being life-changing experiences for attendees and bring together a community of people with an outlook of changing the world through business. Events are open to college and university students, industry professionals, academic leaders, and non-profit / government executives. Planned programming includes professional networking mixers, social events, inspirational keynote speeches, workshops, and the headline activity of the summit - the regional final demo day of the million-dollar Hult Prize Challenge. More than 200 short-listed entrepreneurs will be pitching startups that solve this year’s UN-issued food challenge.  At stake for one lucky team is a golden ticket invitation to attend the award-winning Hult Prize Accelerator program getting them one step closer to winning US$1,000,000 in startup capital. 

Registration for the Impact Summits opens on February 27th. Learn more about the Hult Prize by visiting 

About Rawabi Foundation
Rawabi Foundation is a Palestinian and US 501(C) 3-registered tax-exempt non-profit founded to promote job creation, foster creativity, and inspire innovation through a wide range of projects and programs. Our projects fall into four broad categories: education, environment, entrepreneurship and technology, and culture and community. Each one of our initiatives demonstrates a strong commitment to gender equality, healthy lifestyles, protections for the environment, and improving opportunities for the underprivileged.

About the Hult Prize Foundation

The Hult Prize Foundation is the market leader in action-based learning, impact education, and large-scale job creation for youth. Founded in 2009 by impact pioneer, Ahmad Ashkar, the Hult Prize Foundation transforms how young people envision their own possibilities as leaders of change in the world around them.  With a network of 3,000 university chapters and international headquarters located on five continents, the organization has been a global force supporting youth everywhere who seek to build their capacities in the world of entrepreneurship and to connect to the world of business. Through a flagship one-million-dollar global entrepreneurship prize, the Hult Prize Foundation has helped launch thousands of startups that actively solve UN SDGs and create new jobs across 121 countries. In partnership with the United Nations Office of Partnerships, EF Education First, and the Hult International Business School, the Hult Prize has brought impact-focused programs and events to millions of people, creating a pathway for youth everywhere to take action to build a better world.

To learn more about the Hult Prize Foundation and how to get involved, visit