Live in Rawabi

Rawabi is a new city for Palestinian families offering opportunities for affordable home ownership, employment, education and leisure. Well within the financial reach of many young Palestinian families, Rawabi provides an attractive, modern and comfortable environment in which to live, work and grow.

Rawabi’s residential areas are divided into 14 neighborhoods, each with their own individual aesthetic.
All neighborhoods feature the following modern amenities:
Ample, well-lit and secure underground parking areas with elevator access
Neighborhood playgrounds
Wide sidewalks and outdoor walking trails
Pocket parks and green areas 
Convenience stores such as neighborhood mini-marts, a pharmacy and dry cleaners
Rawabi’s supporting residential and commercial infrastructure has been carefully thought out, not only in terms of efficient service delivery but also in terms of visual appeal.  Rooftop water tanks have been completely eliminated.  Rawabi’s telephone, electricity and gas lines are below ground. Safety is a top priority.  Every building is engineered to withstand earthquakes (up to 6 degrees of magnitude on the Richter scale) and Rawabi’s first responder system is linked to a central command and control center which can stop and start the flow of gas, water and electricity to any areas experiencing a leak or outage.  Building a city from the ground up has enabled the developer to incorporate the world’s leading technologies within the city’s infrastructure from the start.

Homes at Rawabi are available in a large range of sizes and designs to suit the needs of a diverse buyer demographic.  Single professionals or newlywed couples may prefer our compact apartments at 60 square meters; families or those who need a bit more space can find homes up to 200 square meters with 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms. A limited number of larger flats and duplexes that also available in specific buildings. These are priced according to location and view.

The decor of each Rawabi apartment home may be customized to the buyer’s taste. Our interior design specialists worked with top-quality manufacturers to create beautiful combinations of flooring and hardware. Choose from suggested options, or create your own perfect palette for your forever home.

Apartment homes at Rawabi are being sold as fast as they can be built. The first five neighborhoods are sold out and fully occupied. Residents are currently moving into the sixth neighborhood.  To buy your new home in Rawabi, you can complete this application form or call: +970 22947575. Alternatively, you can visit the Rawabi Visitors Center, where a member of our expert sales team will guide you through the process of floor plan selection and interior decoration.
Explore Rawabi’s neighborhoods and building styles.