GROW for a Greener Palestine

  • We can all enhance the beauty of the Palestinian landscape for future generations

The Palestine of our parents’ generation was lush with fruit orchards and blossoming trees - olive, oak, citrus, nut and evergreens covered the Palestinian landscape. Today, however, the natural beauty of the land is being lost to the ravages of war, neglect, construction and climate change.

As part of its support for conservation and protection of the environment, the Rawabi Foundation launched “Grow for a Greener Palestine”, a tree planting and community greening initiative, conceived to help restore Palestine’s natural forests and protect natural habitats. Thus far, the program has planted more than 10,000 trees with the support of philanthropists, students and community activists from all over the world.

You can support our tree planting initiative by buying a tree of your selection via this link:

Yes! I want to GROW a tree in Palestine!