Four Reasons to Grow

  • One or two of us are not going to change the landscape of Palestine


  • ​​It’s the start of something BIG!

Rawabi provides ideal launch conditions for the GROW movement to take root and thrive in Palestine. With Rawabi as the pilot site, our team of technical volunteers will be able to create community greening strategies which can be replicated in school systems and municipalities all over Palestine.   

  • Working together, we can achieve great things.

One or two of us are not going to change the landscape of Palestine. But working together, we have a real chance to make a difference.  By joining the GROW community, we can all play a role in making Palestine a greener place and ensuring a beautiful homeland for our children.

  • Re-investment of revenues

100% of the revenue we collect to plant trees will be used to buy trees.  Bayti, the developer of Rawabi, is donating the transportation, planting tools, fertilizer, irrigation system and companion plantings for Phase One of GROW’s tree-planting initiative.  Trees will be carefully selected by Rawabi’s arborist to ensure its suitability and hardiness for the location. 

  • Help Palestinian youth learn about conservation and preservation of their world

Through GROW, Rawabi’s technical team will teach children how trees prevent soil erosion, conserve Palestine’s scarce water resources and encourage rainfall by adding moisture to the air.

 Yes! I want to GROW a tree in Palestine!