Viburnum Tinus


Cercis Canadensis


What type of tree will GROW plant for me?

Rawabi’s landscape architects identified species of trees that thrive in the hilly topography and semi-arid climate of Rawabi. Each tree type was chosen for its hardiness, resistance to drought and insects and for the overall aesthetic contribution, it makes to the landscape of the city.

Due to the challenging nature of our terrain, selection and placement of individual types of trees is a task left to our landscape designers; each tree grows well in one or two specific types of locations throughout the city. As well, for purposes of designing a healthy ecosystem, certain species are grouped together or planted apart so as to optimize the lifespan and reduce the overall water needs of each tree. 

Trees Varieties

Shrub Varieties

Vibernum suspensum
Rosemary blue lagoon
Raphiolepis indica
Pittosporum tinifolia
Nandina Domestica
Lavandula canariensis
Lantana Montevidensis
Lantana camara
Dodonea dana
Rosa pink
Callistemon little john
Buxus Sempervines
Santolina chamaecyparissus
Salvia Red
Salvia Pink
Salvia Purple

Climbing Vines

Pandorea Jasminoides

Yes! I want to GROW a tree in Palestine!